• "I started working with Bob when I had one location in one city. I now have over 50 locations in multiple states. He knows what it takes to make television and radio work with the budget he is given."

    Dick Enrico
    2nd Wind Exercise Equipment
  • "Bob thoroughly understands how to use television and radio effectively with whatever budget he is given. I began working with Bob in 1995. He has consistently delivered more then what we were expecting."

    Brad Rixmann
    Pawn America
  • "I have worked with Bob since 1987. He has been, and continues to be a very helpful contributor to our television and radio campaigns."

    Wayne Johansen
    HOM Furniture
  • “Bob knows how to integrate television and radio advertising efficiently and effectively into your marketing campaigns.”

    Erik Saltvold
    Owner & Founder
    Erik’s Bikes
If you don't post your invoices, there is a very good chance that you don't get all for which you pay. You may literally throw away thousands of dollars of television advertising owed to you by the stations. Posting is the process of matching the television log times from your invoices to the Nielsen ratings. If the ratings match the negotiated numbers you purchased, then you "got what you paid for". If the ratings are less, the television station owes you rating points. They owe you no charge spots which will be added to your schedule so that your media buy delivers what was promised. Only four out of ten advertisers post their invoices. The reason the six do not is because they are unaware of posting. Are you one of the six? If you are, it is like paying for 20 gallons of gasoline; but ending up with only 14 gallons in your tank. Let Mediaet help you get everything that you are owed by posting your invoices. It's time for you be on a level playing field with your competitors!

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